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🌱 Exciting News! Our school is collaborating with the University of Southampton to explore new solutions for feeding the future in a changing climate. 🌦️ As the UK faces hotter, drier summers and unpredictable rainfall, traditional crops might struggle. The university has sent us seeds from six legume plants—broad beans, dwarf beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, and lablab—to test their growth and yield potential under these conditions.

🌿 Some of these plants, like broad beans, dwarf beans, and peas, are already adapted to the UK. Others, like chickpeas and lentils, could grow in warmer climates, especially in the South. Lablab is the most challenging, as it's adapted to hot, dry regions.

Together, we'll be planting these seeds, tracking their growth, and discovering which crops could help secure our food future. Stay tuned for updates and join us in this exciting journey! 🌱🌍 #school #education #feedingthefuture#yarrowheights


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