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The Reptile Academy Slithers into school!

🐍🦎 Exciting Reptile Workshop at Our School! 🦎🐍

Our pupils had an unforgettable experience as they participated in a fascinating reptile workshop! 🐢✨ They had the incredible opportunity to meet a variety of reptiles, including lizards and some friendly snakes. 🐍👦👧

It was amazing to see our pupil’s faces light up as they learned about these incredible creatures and their habitats. 🌿🌎 And the highlight? They got to hold and interact with some of the snakes! 🐍💚

Thank you to The Reptile Academy who made this hands-on learning experience possible. We're thrilled to see our pupils so engaged and enthusiastic about wildlife!  #ReptileWorkshop #HandsOnLearning #SchoolEvents #WildlifeEducation


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