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Parent open mornings, Tuesdays 11.00 - 12.00.

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We are a team with extensive experience and expertise in special education and therapeutic support for pupils whose needs can no longer be met in a mainstream provision.

We work with pupils aged 7–16 who have a range of social, emotional, mental health needs which may include Autistic Spectrum Conditions. There are likely to be gaps in learning due to prior disaffection in education. Our pupils may have already experienced a range of educational settings and interventions.

The leadership team have spent their careers' in specialist children's education and Yarrow Heights is the opportunity to build a centre of excellence in this sector to be a new resource for the community.

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Innovative. Accountable. Transforming Lives.

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How are we different?

  • An Enhanced Curriculum integrates a child’s individual therapuetic strategies and support in the classroom to help remove their barriers to learning and to facilitate educational progress and personal development.
  • An Extended Day meets our pupil's need for a flexible timetable and dynamic learning inside and outside of the classroom
  • A dedicated Family Liaison team works alongside the family to support a pupil's school attendance and engagement by developing positive, supportive home-school relationships
  • A technology-led curriculum providing innovative learning to improve engagement
  • Expanded learning environments, such as bespoke outdoor adventure and personal enrichment projects
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An enhanced curriculum

An Enhanced curriculum embeds therapeutic interventions and strategies into the educational programme to transform our pupils' perceptions of their own abilities and promote mental wellbeing and social-emotional development.

There is a wonderful sense of hope in helping young people to understand how their brain works, to learn to self-regulate, to develop an improved self-awareness, and in turn build their self-confidence.

All staff are trained in Positive Behavioural Support that together with guided therapeutic interventions, help pupils to understand the context and meaning of behaviour. This combined approach helps pupils to build better coping strategies and positive emotional control.

We are specialists

Our SEN teachers work side-by-side with a highly experienced therapy team that includes Psychology, Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy. This Enhanced Curriculum (joint therapy and education) creates a healing environment. All our staff are trained to help pupils identify, understand, accept and know feelings to achieve improved emotional regulation and wellbeing.

Our high staff-to-pupil ratio means that our programme is adapted to the unique needs of each pupil. Highly trained staff deliver group teaching, one to one support, and outreach in the community with families ensuring that we have an adaptability that makes us specialists in our field.

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Personalised development plans

Our pupils access a broad curriculum to maximise their opportunities to achieve nationally accredited qualifications. We provide an exciting, interactive, and engaging technology-led curriculum, where all aspects of the curriculum are underpinned by high quality and readily available resources and technology. Our teaching and learning focus ensures that children are offered a range of learning experiences which are challenging, real life and meaningful. With hands-on projects and group learning, teachers show pupils how to apply life-long skills, such as collaborating with a team, interpreting data, and presenting persuasive arguments. With guidance and feedback from highly experienced teachers, pupils select goals, adjust strategies, know when to seek help and reflect on their progress.

Our elevated expectations for each pupil are incorporated into their individual Personal Development Plan. We promote a love for learning thorough the use of a range of teaching styles that include the personalised needs of each pupil. Cognition and learning develop through our themed and topic-based curriculum supported by child-centred plans to adapt ways of learning to build knowledge, skills and understanding. This at times requires flexibility to accommodate the many and varied complex needs and the associated mental health vulnerabilities that need to be supported throughout the school day.

An extended day

Our Extended Day means that we have a flexible timetable to accommodate our pupils' needs with breakfast clubs, after school activities and a robust outdoor learning programme to build positive social skills, friendships, hobbies and for older children accelerate vocational interests.

An enriched curriculum

Our comprehensive programme of outdoor learning focuses on positive engagement in social groups and opportunities to build resilience and emotional well-being. This programme extends into our community, and includes a wide range of sporting activities, voluntary work, and for the older pupils, apprenticeships, and work experience. We encourage children to take part in Duke of Edinburgh Awards and outdoor personal challenges, many of which carry a recognised national accreditation. The purpose here is to develop problem-solving skills, interest in new experiences and creative thinking: the hallmarks of increased personal resilience.

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Positive family Liaison

Our school recognises that the empowerment of parents through parental voice and engagement can have a significant impact on helping the child learn and grow. We supply direct consultation to parents, regular support groups and online support via our families portal. We are focused on a common goal: to support the family and improve family relationships.

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